About DLA

Delaware Library Association: Advocating, Empowering, and Educating a Diverse Library Community. (Adopted March 19, 2015)


DLA is a small, all-volunteer organization.

DLA is governed by an Executive Board and includes divisions reflecting types of libraries or other common interests. The Association is a chapter of the American Library Association.

The Delaware Library Association empowers a diverse library community.

The Mission of the Delaware Library Association is to support libraries, share professional resources, and advocate for library workers and users.

Strategic Goals (Adopted October 19, 2023)

  1. Provide an array of programs and benefits that respond to the diverse interests and needs of library employees and library volunteers throughout Delaware
  2. Strengthen libraries throughout Delaware through deeper engagement in advocacy
  3. Expand leadership of and engagement in DLA
  4. Increase knowledge and understanding of the purpose and activities of DLA
  5. Improve internal processes that support the recruitment and retention of DLA members

Goal and Objectives
The goal of the Delaware Library Association is to promote the profession of librarianship, advocate for library services, and provide library information to the people of Delaware by developing a unified library association. The following objectives are integral to the achievement of the goal of the Association:

  1. Advocacy / Value of the Profession
    1. Increase public awareness of the value and impact of libraries of all types.
    2. Increase public awareness of the value and impact of librarians and library staff.
    3. Mobilize, support, and sustain grassroots advocacy for libraries and library funding at local, state, and federal levels.
    4. Increase public awareness of the importance of intellectual freedom, privacy, and the role of libraries in a democracy.
  2. Education
    1. Provide continuing education and continuous learning opportunities for librarians and library staff.
    2. Make continuing education programs affordable and accessible in a wide variety of media and formats.
  3. Public Policy
    1. Promote all forms of literacy.
    2. Promote First Amendment rights, intellectual freedom, and privacy.
    3. Facilitate equity of access and fair use.
    4. Support grassroots efforts to influence local, state, and federal policies and standards that affect library and information services.
  4. Organizational Performance
    1. Improve communication, cooperation, and collaboration throughout the Association, employing all communication channels, including electronic and virtual.
    2. Affirm and communicate the value of active membership in the Association.
    3. Recruit and retain members.
    4. Provide opportunities for members to develop personal and organizational skills.
    5. Increase opportunities for participation in DLA and its leadership positions.

The Delaware Library Association was organized on January 18, 1934. Children’s Services Division (CSD) was formed in 1980.

The members of Delaware School Library Media Association (DSLMA) voted to join DLA as a Division in 1980.

DLA will celebrate its 80th birthday in 2014.

DLA is totally volunteer operated and depends on the participation of its members.

DLA is a small, all-volunteer organization.