MLA/DLA Conference Registration 2020

The 2020 MLA/DLA Conference has been officially rescheduled and readjusted to fit a virtual format! Rather than being a three-day event, the conference will run from October 6th – January 7th. There will be regular programming on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The schedule is available here. Other than regular programs, we will have our keynotes, silent auction, poster sessions, virtual vendor hall, pub quiz, and a Show-Off Showcase. 
If you registered for the May 2020 Conference, you do not need to do anything else. Your registration was automatically moved to the virtual platform. In early October, you will receive an email from MLA with a brochure link to all the sessions scheduled. If you aren’t sure if you are registered or have questions about your registration, contact Kate Monagan at or Sarah at
If you have not registered for the conference and would like toyou can do so online. DLA members can enter their promo code at checkout for the discount. 
Most programs will be recorded for later viewing by conference registrants. Any programs not available to be viewed later will have this indicated in the program description in Sched.

October 6th is the conference kickoff day so we are jam-packed!
9 am – Virtual Conference Orientation
10 am – Virtual Vendor Hall
1 pm – Virtual poster sessions
3 pm – Opening Keynote with Michael W. Twitty

Other keynotes:
Wednesday, November 18th at 3 pm – William G Wilson Maryland Author Award Keynote with Alix Rickloff
Wednesday, January 13th at 3 pm – Closing Keynote Speaker Stephen Thompson

Social Events:
October 22 at 7 pm – Pub Quiz
December 3 at 7 pm – Show-Off Showcase

Silent Auction bidding will take place live from October 6 – October 27 using Google Sheets. More information will be sent to conference registrants as the conference nears! Baskets will be delivered to winners.

If you are a DLA member, you qualify for a discount! Not a DLA member yet, sign up online. For DLA members, if you mail/fax your registration in, just indicate it on the form.  If you are using the online form:

  • Choose “Public Registration”
  • Enter your contact information 
  • When checking out, use the following DLA members’ only code to apply the discount: 
    • DLAF