Statement Thanking House for Passing SB 195

Thank you!

The Delaware Library Association is pleased with the bipartisan vote passing SB 195, a Media Literacy bill establishing statewide standards in Delaware schools. Providing media literacy education empowers students to think critically about media messaging and to make informed civic and economic decisions.

The Delaware Library Association would like to thank all House members who voted to pass the bill. We are particularly grateful for the work of Sen. Sarah McBride. We appreciate her leadership in introducing this bill and her collaboration with the Delaware Library Association to include school librarians and the Delaware Division of Libraries in the final version of the legislation.

In addition to the critical role they play in developing a child’s traditional literacy skills, our school librarians are able to advance media and information literacy education. We know that the legislation’s goals are enhanced with school librarians at the table.

We’re thankful for the collaborative work of the Assembly on SB 195 and look forward to Governors Carney’s signing the bill into law.