Congratulations to Our New Board Members!

Congratulations to our new executive board members! They were elected to the board at the DLA Conference in May, and their term will last until May 6, 2017. For more information, visit the Executive Board page or each Division page.

Executive Board
Vice President and Conference Committee Chair – Michelle Hughes
Secretary – Adrienne Johnson

College and Research Libraries Division (CRLD)
President – Sarah Katz
Vice President and Conference Chair – Russell Michalak
Secretary – Monifa Carter
Treasurer – Maggie Stewart Adams

Delaware Association of School Librarians (DASL)
President – Rachel West
Treasurer – Jennifer Miller

Public Libraries Division (PLD)
President – Josias Bartram
Vice President and Conference Chair – Kelly Kline
Secretary – Catherine Wimberley

Youth Services Division (YSD)
President – Katryna Cera-Proulx
Vice President and Conference Chair – Katy Goff
Secretary/Treasurer – Jessica Webb