Delaware Association of School Librarians (DASL)



  1. supports and improves school library media programs in the state of Delaware.
  2. interprets the value of these programs to school administrators, teachers, and the public.
  3. cooperates with other professional associations concerned with the welfare of children and young adults.
  4. supports the right of all individuals to have access to ideas and information.
  5. assumes the authority to act, in conformance with the policies of the Delaware Library Association, with respect to matters which pertain to school libraries.

DLA Handbook, p. 27.

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DASL Awards

For more information regarding DASL Awards, please visit the DASL Awards Page for more in-depth information. 

Officers: DASL has two available positions, Vice President and Secretary, come June. If you are interested in applying, read this packet for more information.


Katelynn Scott
Alfred G. Waters Middle School
1235 Cedar Lane Rd.
Middletown, DE 19709
(302) 449-3490 ext. 2134
katelynn.scott AT

Vice President|President-Elect/Conference Committee Chair

Patty Brown
Everett Meredith Middle School
504 S. Broad Street
Middletown, DE 19709
(302) 378-5001
patricia.brown AT


Harry Robert Brake
Woodbridge High School
14712 Woodbridge Rd.
Greenwood, DE 19950
(302) 232-3333 ext. 3375
harry.brake AT


Patty Crilley
Old State Elementary School
580 Tony Marchio Drive
Townsend, DE 19734
(302) 378-6720
Patricia.Crilley AT

Past President

Kim Read
St. George’s Technical High School
555 Hyatt’s Corner Rd.
Middletown, DE 19709
(302) 449-3360 AT