Interest Groups

Correctional Services Interest Group:

Statement of Purpose: The objective of the Delaware Library Association Correctional Services Interest Group is to foster networking and collaboration between DLA members with an interest in providing services to the incarcerated community in our state and will serve as a forum for discussion and sharing of best practices and methods of service. The work of this group is guided by the ALA Prisoner’s Right to Read statement and our profession’s core values of access, intellectual freedom and service. This group is open to all DLA members regardless of institutional affiliation or role in Delaware Libraries. Members of DLA who would like the join the interest group may request to do so at correctionalservices AT 


  • Banned Books Behind Bars – Download this free informational flyer to pass out at your library! The flyer includes a QR code with a link to further information, but you can also access the document here. 
  • Ask the Library Help: The Delaware Library Association’s Correctional Services Interest Group is seeking library staff to help answer reference questions sent to us by incarcerated patrons. Our reference-by-mail service has been centralized to come through a specific Ask a Librarian queue. If you are interested in helping, please fill out this form.​ If you are not familiar with the Ask a Librarian platform, training is available! We are also interested in expanding our reference-by-mail services to be able to serve non-English speakers, so if you are able to assist in languages other than English that would be much appreciated!