If you or someone you know is interested in volunteer leadership opportunities within the Delaware Library Association (DLA), please consider submitting a nomination. In the nomination, please include your name, why you want to serve, what position you are interested in, and a brief bio. If you are nominating someone else and do not know the answers, you can include why you think they would be a good fit for DLA. Then you can put N/A in the other sections.

In addition to the Executive Board positions listed below, there are also open positions within the divisions and committees of DLA, so please fill out the form to indicate if you are interested in something like that as well. Please note: our committees are always looking for volunteers. Visit the Committee Chair webpage to find the contact information for each committee.

Executive Board:

  • Vice President / President-Elect
    • The president-elect shall serve the first year after election as vice-president, the second year as president, and the third year as immediate past president, for a total of 3 years of service. In the first year as vice-president, this person will also serve as the conference co-chair. Along with the past president, they will assist the Maryland Library Association Conference Committee in planning the annual conference. Here are the duties of the first year, and the rest can be found on the DLA website:
    • Term: One year term.
    • Duties:
      • 1. Must be a personal member of DLA and is strongly encouraged to also be a member of ALA during term of office as DLA Vice President.
      • 2. Must be the chair of the DLA Conference Planning Committee.
      • 3. To serve on the Executive Board.
      • 4. In the absence of the president to assume his/her duties.
      • 5. To serve, ex officio, on all standing committees in the absence of the president.
      • 6. To perform duties as assigned by the president.
      • 7. May preside over virtual meetings on special topics as needed.
      • 8. To serve as a member of the Handbook Committee.
    • This is a voting member of the Executive Board.
  • Secretary 
    • Term: Elected for a two-year term beginning in each odd-numbered year.
    • Duties:
      • 1. Must be a personal member of DLA and is strongly encouraged to also be a member of ALA during term of office as DLA Secretary.
      • 2. To serve on the Executive Board.
      • 3. To keep the minutes of the Executive Board meetings and of the business meetings of the Association and to adhere to the following schedule for submitting and posting those minutes: 1. Send a copy of the draft minutes to the President within 2 weeks after the meeting. 2. Make necessary corrections in the draft minutes within the following 2 weeks and send them back to the President, who will send them to the Executive Board. 3. Once approved by the President and the Executive Board, transfer those minutes to the website and/or Association archives within the following 2 weeks.
      • 4. To sign checks in the absence of the treasurer.
    • This is a voting member of the Executive Board.
  • ALA Councilor
    • Term: Each chapter of ALA is entitled to one councilor to be elected by members of the chapter for a term of three years.
    • Duties:
      • 1. Must be a personal member of DLA and ALA during term of office as ALA Councilor.
      • 2. Provide representation at the national level by voicing the position of the chapter on ALA affairs, reporting to the chapter on the business conducted at meetings of the ALA Council, and establishing liaison between the chapter and the national Association on issues related to the purposes of each Association.
      • 3. Attend the ALA Midwinter Meeting in January and the Annual Conference in June/July each year.
      • 4. Represent the Delaware Library Association in ALA Council, which is the governing body of ALA.
      • 5. Attend Council I, II, and III meetings at each Conference.
      • 6. Attend the Chapter Councilor’s Forum at Midwinter and Annual, in which representatives from all of the state chapters and territories gather to talk about issues relevant at the state association level.
      • 7. Attend Council Forum meetings during both conferences to discuss issues in more depth that were scheduled to be discussed during Council sessions.
      • 8. Act as a liaison between DLA and ALA, communicating anything from ALA that is relevant to the DLA membership.
      • 9. Staff the ALA booth at the MLA/DLA annual conference, sharing with DLA members the benefits of ALA membership.
      • 10. In consultation with DLA officers, compile and create the DLA Annual Chapter Report.
    • This is a voting member of the Executive Board.

Email: Rachel Culver, Rachel.Culver AT lib.de.us with questions.


Youth Services Division: Call for Nominations

The Youth Service Division (YSD) of DLA is calling for nominations for Vice President (President-Elect) and Secretary/Treasurer. The nominations will be open from November 20 – December 8. Announcement of initial slate will be sent out on Monday, December 11. Additional nominations will be accepted until Friday, December 15. Election ballots will open on Monday, December 18 and close on Friday, January 5. If you have questions about a position’s job responsibilities feel free to email YSD President Susan Elizabeth Cordle (susanelizabeth.cordle AT lib.de.us).


Nominations Committee: 

If you are interested in recruiting members of DLA to join committees and take on leadership roles, this position is for you! Nominations Chair is primarily responsible for finding volunteers to keep DLA running and is in charge of running the large, DLA Executive Board election in May each year. 

Email: Rachel Culver, Rachel.Culver AT lib.de.us