Thank you for a great State Conference!

Registration is now open for our annual MLA/DLA State Conference! Early bird registration ends March 17, 2017.

The MLA/DLA joint state conference 2017

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– We need your feedback!

We need your feedback about this conference to know how to improve things for next year. Here is a link to the online survey:

The MLA/DLA joint state conference 2017 – Thank you!

Thank you for your attendance, participation and support in this year’s library conference.  It was an amazing event on many levels of learning, exemplifying so much of what our DLA community is and can be through your membership and involvement.  I truly hope you gained a refreshing new perspective on something, motivation about trying something new, and ideas to take back to your library.

For those who served on the DLA Conference Committee, thank you so very much for your hard work to make this conference a success!  This includes:

  • Division VP/Conference Chairs – or those who stepped in to fill these roles:
    • CRLD’s Rusty Michalak and Sarah Katz
    • DASL’s Rachel West
    • PLD’s Josias Bartram and Kelly Kline with help from Rose Harrison
    • YSD’s Jessica Webb with help from Katryna Cera-Proulx
    • Friends of the Delaware Libraries’ Kay Bowes
    • DDL’s Katie McDonough
    • and DLA’s Michelle Hughes
  • Many others played key parts:
    • Awards/Scholarships Committee Chair Molly Olney-Zide,
    • Sue Rekart’s assistance with the silent auction
    • the many who participated as presenters in various workshops and through the Poster Sessions
    • Barbara Keesey’s work on getting the Blue Hen Award display table up and staffed
    • Beth Emerson, as our photographer

…just to name a few!

  • And a big thank you to managers and administrators who encourage staff to attend and be part of the DLA community, and for your involvement, too. As leaders, your efforts really make a difference!

We know there was very good attendance – but we want to know exact numbers.  Working with MLA, we will compile the final numbers in the next month or so and report back to you regarding attendance.

Photos are coming on the DLA website, but for now you can see a few posted on the DLA Facebook page:

If would like to be involved in planning and/or participating with the 2018 conference, now is the time to let our new DLA VP/Conference Chair Lani Hahn ( and me ( know.





Questions?  Email DLA at:

We’ll see you next year!