Advocacy webinar: Knowing your Value

The Delaware Library Association is pleased to host the upcoming webinar:
Knowing your Value: How to Assess and Communicate the Value of Your Library

The webinar will be held May 12th from 10am – 12pm
REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED!  Please register for this webinar at the following link:

Libraries are constantly asked to adapt to meet new challenges, and that has never been clearer than right now during the coronavirus crisis.

The purpose of this webinar is to collaboratively asses the value of the assets and services currently provided by your individual library and Delaware libraries as a whole.  DLA is committed to advocating for libraries year round, and want to start thinking about advocacy in a holistic way.  DLA knows that each and every library in the State of Delaware provides a tremendous level of service.  We want each library in our network to have the opportunity to quantify that value and express the purpose of library work to everyone who may inquire, including state leaders.  Each individual going through this exercise will be able to better understand the collective and individual value each library in our network provides.

DLA is pleased to have Eli Turkel, PhD candidate and former Legislative Aide back to conduct the webinar.  Eli conducted our in-person training at the January 2020 Legislative Day Lite event.  If you missed the January event, you can view the training here.

In order to provide a valuable webinar we ask that you review the assets listed in the attached document and come prepared with your preliminary library asset list to the training.

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED!  Please register for this webinar at the following link: