Advocacy webinar: Data Storytelling

The Delaware Library Association is pleased to host the upcoming webinar:
Data Storytelling: Learn How to Show the Value of your Library Assets

The webinar will be held Friday, October 16th from 10am – 11:30am

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED!  Please register for this webinar at the following link:


The purpose of this webinar is to continue the work that was started in the May 2020 session; Knowing Your Value: How to Assess and Communicate the Value of Your Library.  Through this training 3 different library models were explored, as well as the importance of developing a library asset list.  If you missed this training, you may view the shared Library Asset list that was developed as a template to help libraries start to think about their unique assets, and also view the training online.

Now Eli will take us on a training to explore data analysis.  How do you take a library asset and assign a value to it?  Eli will explore this topic and provide a real-time data example using public library parking lot wireless data.  Other external data sources will also be explored in order to help participants learn to tell a contextually complete data story.

DLA is pleased to have Eli Turkel, PhD candidate and former Legislative Aide back to conduct the webinar.  Eli has conducted trainings for DLA in January and May 2020.  If you missed these events you can view the trainings online.