Library Card Sign-Up Update and EveryLibrary Training

As we’re nearing the end of September and the Library Card Sign-up campaign, I wanted to update everyone on what Delaware libraries in partnership with EveryLibrary have accomplished so far, and lay out some next steps for moving forward.

As of September 23rd, the Library Card Sign-up campaign has reached:

  • 100,000 people on Facebook – that’s 5,000 to 6,000 people a day!
  • 200+ registrations into the NationBuilder software
  • Average of 100 hits a day on the website
  • From Google analytics over 2,000 page views on
  • 53 click throughs to get a library card
  • 60 names into NationBuilder from people filling out polls
  • 600 names from the online registration form – about 2 to 3 names an hour
  • Radio ads reached 157,000 people
Training provided by EveryLibrary has been uploaded to the Delaware Libraries Staff Academy (
Please take advantage of these information-packed tutorials.  If you have questions about the Delaware Libraries Staff Academy please email profdev AT  If you search under the Administration – EveryLibrary category, the trainings available are:
  • Build support for your library before you need it: understanding surfacing
  • Creating messages that build support for any library
  • Digital advocacy and marketing tactics for any library
  • ​Introduction to advanced advocacy strategies for school and public libraries
  • Understanding big data and audience segmentation

​Looking ahead:

  1. ​John Chrastka, Executive Director and EveryLibrary’s founder, would like to schedule a 30 minute phone call in October with each public library director.  This will be an opportunity to review and recap Library Card Sign-up month, and discuss with John your library’s needs now and planning ahead.
    1. To schedule an October meeting with John, please use his calendar link:
  2. ​6 upcoming EveryLibrary monthly trainings will be scheduled (in addition to those already posted above).  Each month there will be a pre-recorded webinar and a live coaching session.  The schedule and registration will be sent out soon.
  3. DLA will be scheduling additional EveryLibrary advocacy trainings.  Topics and dates will be announced in the coming months.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email the local EveryLibrary listserv at everylibrary AT  Thank you for all your hard work promoting and supporting Delaware libraries!​