Giving Tuesday Campaign

The benefit of using for your Giving Tuesday campaign is that all campaigns will be promoted through EveryLibrary’s extensive network of library supporters throughout the state. Because EveryLibrary keeps and manages the data, they make it available to participating libraries.  This is also an excellent opportunity to grow your donor lists for any future fundraising efforts.

EveryLibrary is working with the Delaware Library Association, Friends of Delaware Libraries, and the Delaware Division of Libraries to establish and promote Giving Tuesday as a special fundraising event. Every library in Delaware will have the opportunity to participate with a campaign that is specific to each library on The EveryLibrary Institute will provide training, consulting, fundraising templates, and communication materials and press releases to libraries to make it very easy to participate. EveryLibrary Institute will support earned and paid media to drive traffic and raise awareness of your campaigns.

A template will be designed for Delaware libraries.  Logos from participating libraries will be included.  Several screenshots are attached to this email that provide a mock-up of the Delaware template.

Using the Delaware template with your logo, The EveryLibrary Institute will build, manage, and run a crowdfunding campaign on behalf of your library. The library is encouraged to provide feedback and approval on campaign collateral, text, and images in the crowdfunding campaign page and opportunities to ensure that libraries can provide feedback on materials will be provided.

The EveryLibrary Institute will provide marketing and advertising support and launch a marketing campaign across the state for all participating libraries. brings together EveryLibrary’s huge network of people in Delaware who believe in the transformational work of librarians. Unlike other crowdfunding sites, will dedicate advertising dollars and use its proven expertise in marketing libraries to create and cultivate an audience for every campaign on the platform. We know that “the crowd” we have gathered is open to giving, interested in libraries, and engaged with helping librarians succeed in your mission.

If you are interested in participating, or if you are looking for more information, please consult the following resources: 

All donations are secured and cleared via Stripe. Donations through these fundraising campaigns are tax deductible for charitable purposes. Each participating library will receive contact information for all donors to their individual campaign for follow-up and relationship building. The EveryLibrary Institute will hold back 9.5% for credit card fees, bank charges, and overhead. 

Action Items:

  • ​Please let us know if your library would like to participate at
  • If your library is already participating in a Giving Tuesday event or United Way campaign, please let us know that information as well.

We are excited about this crowdfunding effort and believe it can be a big step in keeping your library thriving in the future.