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Does your library provide DLA memberships for its staff? Consider an Institutional membership as a more economical way to be part of DLA! Institutional Memberships include unlimited job advertising on DLA’s website. (Non-institutional members are charged $30 per job posting.) Sustaining and Substantial levels include library staff memberships (up to Professional Level Membership), with no additional charge. DLA members enjoy reduced registration fees for conference and other events, listserv access, involvement as leaders, and more.

Institutional Membership Options:

  • $35.00 Institutional Member, provides unlimited job advertising only.
  • $50.00 Sustaining, provides 2 DLA memberships.
  • $100.00 Substantial provides 4 DLA memberships (Especially recommended for libraries with budgets that exceed $1,000,000, but can be selected by any library.)

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DLA Committees are actively involved with important special areas of library advocacy, publicity, history and more. You allowed to participate with as many committees as you would like. If none, leave blank.

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Archives | Publications / Bulletin | Conference | Diversity |Handbook & Bylaws | Intellectual Freedom | Legislative Action | Membership | Nominating | Public Relations/Social Media | Scholarships & Awards

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(If you are joining as a Sustaining or Substantial member, please return here after submitting payment to complete the process below.)

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Additional Staff Information

If your library is a Sustaining Member, list one additional staff. For Substantial list up to three additional staff. Please include their email addresses, preferred Division and Committee choices for each.  Here is the link to the form to use for each library staff’s membership – just fill out the relevant fields indicating that this is part of an Institutional Membership for your library.

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